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Interview: Paul Cornell talks Doctor Who

Paul Cornell has been involved in the Doctor Who Universe for a long-time, writing numerous Doctor Who books & audio dramas, and the fantastic Who TV episodes “Father’s Day” and “Human Nature/Family of Blood”. His latest involvement finds him penning Doctor Who: Four Doctors, a weekly comic event from Titan Comics which will start on August 12th 2015. Villordsutch had the chance to sit down and talk about the Doctor Who: Four Doctors with Paul…

Paul Cornell

Villordsutch: Paul, how did you become involved in this rather impressive Doctor Who: Four Doctors event? Was this an idea you had itching in your mind for some time and you felt this was the time to bring it into the light, or did you awaken one morning surrounded by beer bottles and the Titan Comics HQ number as the last number dialled on your phone?

Paul Cornell: Andrew James,

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