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Ricki And The Flash – The Review

It’s familiar fodder for a comedy/drama. Y’know the story of a parent leaving the family unit in order to follow a dream. Then years later, having to return for an uncomfortable, often strained reunion that usually concludes with a big, new extended-family group hug. After a failed attempt (but sometimes successful) at acquiring fame and fortune the prodigal poppa realizes that everything he really desired was right in his back yard. We recently saw this occur in Danny Collins. But this new flick does a switcheroo with that formula. This time mom flew the coop in pursuit of her passions and dreams. Meryl Streep reteams with Jonathan Demme (they remade The Manchurian Candidate a few years ago) to tell Oscar-winning scribe Diablo Cody’s tale of, not speedster superheroes, family and rock n’ roll. Grab a brew and settle in for a solid set from Ricki And The Flash.

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