Legendary Filmmaker Ted V. Mikels Initiates Fund Raising Drive for '10 Violent Women: Part 2'

Mikels Announces Acting Auditions in Henderson, Nevada on August 9, 2015

Tvm Studios has announced that the studio’s new production, Ten Violent Women: Part Two, has scheduled acting auditions at the company’s Las Vegas Studio on August 9, 2015 in Henderson, Nevada. "Ten Violent Women: Part Two", the sequel to “10 Violent Women”, will star Francine York, and will explore females who seek recognition for their physical beauty, muscular bodies, martial arts, wrestling, boxing, and beauty pageant appearances. Check out this great video from Mikels:

Ted V. Mikels, the film’s legendary director, has announced a campaign to raise the necessary production funds. Mikels notes that he has been making movies for over 65 years. “I have made dozens and dozens of movies over the years, including such titles as ‘Astro Zombies,’ ‘The Doll Squad,’ ‘10 Violent Women,’ ‘The Corpse Grinders,’ ‘Girl In The Gold Boots,

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