Jack Whitehall webchat – as it happened

As he gets ready to hit the big screen with The Bad Education Movie, comedian Jack Whitehall joined us to answer your questions on everything from his comedy heroes to which one of the Labour leadership contenders he would rather share a bath with

1.37pm BST

Thank you for all the questions. I'll rephrase that: thank you for some of the questions.

1.35pm BST

opus147 asks:

What would you change about the education system? The real one, I mean, not the one in Bad Education (unless they are the same).

Undo everything Michael Gove did. Starting by allowing American literature to be on the syllabus.

1.33pm BST

UtilityForward asks:

What’s your favourite biscuit?

Well, you want me to say "soggy", but I'm going to say Hobnob. A very absorbant one.

1.32pm BST

Simren asks:

Any advice for A-level results day?

Make sure you get your results before you do anything stupid,

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