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‘The Flying Acquaintances’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

(1973, dir: Robert Steiner)

“How do the flying acquaintances find fun? We’ll show you how!”

After being treated to the wonderful sights of 42nd Street, we meet Max (Jamie Gillis, Waterpower), a suave bank teller and his nubile friend Sylvie (Susan Curtis, Airplane) have a little of simulated fun, until some pesky aviation related stock footage interrupts. We find out that Max also moonlights as a taxi driver. After picking up a stewardess (Darby Lloyd Rains, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann) and working out a sweaty form of repayment once arrived at her apartment, turns out there’s a small group of stewardesses who offer fun under the sheets (or on the couch in this case) to avoid paying for their fare (it’s a win for everyone involved if you ask me!). Aside from this small corruption ring, we have the wonderfully chested Barbara (Nicole Vadim, Room 11

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