Exclusive Interview: Blake Foster Talks Power Rangers

The Power Rangers franchise has arguably reinvented itself more than any other Science Fiction series. With twenty two seasons, two spin-off movies and one Hollywood reboot on the way, the international children’s brand has certainly had its fair share of success.

However, for every loyal, dedicated and nostalgic Power Rangers fan, there will undoubtedly be one season that holds a special place in their heart. This particular season will vary from viewer to viewer depending on their age, as the show itself now spans almost three generations. But, despite the mandatory obligation felt by all Ranger fans to select Mighty Morphin as their favourite, there are many worthy candidates amongst the ranks of its two-decade run.

Power Rangers Turbo (the fifth season) is one of the more unique entries in the spandex-clad history books of the Command Centre. The reason for this is due to the fact that producers

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