Very British Problems: How one man's hilarious Twitter feed became a star-studded TV show

Very British Problems, the 1 million follower-plus @soverybritish Twitter feed turned best-selling book of Britons' daily woes, hits our small screens tonight (August 13).

Starring Jonathan Ross, James Corden and a variety of famous funny Brits moaning creatively in a Grumpy Old Men stylee, the Channel 4 series looks to bottle the retweet phenomenon for a non-social audience.

I meet its London-based creator Rob Temple to find out how that's going to work and, to be honest, exactly how it all got this far. Over a beer, not an under-heated cup of tea ("I don't even like tea," laughs Temple), I ask how the idea started. "Well, it started it in 2012, cause you told me to."

Now, this is sort of true. Full disclosure: I used to work with Rob. And I did implore him to start a Twitter feed, as despite having never seen it himself, his dry, pithy humour was clearly a good fit.

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