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ABC plans to replace Chaser's Media Circus with cat videos

The Chaser's Media Circus will return for a second season on September 10.

However, according to a statement from ABC TV, management has confirmed it hopes to replace the second series with cat videos.

.As soon as we can find enough left wing cats who instinctively hate Australia, they.ll be replaced,. said an ABC representative.

The game show about the news is hosted by Craig Reucassel with Fake Fact Checker Chas Licciardello.

It is produced by the creative team behind The Chaser and The Checkout, including Ben Jenkins, Zoë Norton Lodge, Scott Abbot, Andrew Hansen and Julian Morrow.

"ABC management confirmed that for the second series the show has been moved out of the news division to allow it to be more biased and have less rigorous vetting of the studio audience," according to a statement.

Filmed in front of a live audience each week shortly before broadcast, The Chaser

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