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"Up"-Style House Gets Its Own Movie

"Easy A" director Will Gluck is set to produce a film about Edith Macefield, the Seattle woman who held out against developers and lived in her century old small farmhouse while a mall was built around it.

The story drew obvious comparisons to Pixar's beloved animated film "Up". Macefield stood her ground and turned down a reported offer of $1 million from developers, becoming a local hero.

She also struck up a deep friendship with the superintendent of the five-story construction project and he would check in on the old lady daily, even as the mall was slowly built around her home. When she died in 2008, she left the house to him.

Fox Searchlight has picked up the comedic drama project which boasts a script by John Whittington that deals with the friendship between the pair.

Jodi Hildebrand will also produce and Barry Martin's 2013 memoir "Under One Roof" also figuers into the deal.

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