Some Things Are Better Left Between "Lovers"

Your path is already chosen.

After spending the 1970's in television, Roland Joffé burst onto the scene with back-to-back critical hits with The Killing Fields (1984) (winning three Oscars from seven nominations) and The Mission (1986) (winning one Oscar from seven nominations)--a sophomore slump anyone might be proud of. Both films set in exotic locals during a periods of socio-political upheaval and both are marvelous. Then things go quiet, critically speaking, with incredible speed. Last I caught up with Joffé was There Be Dragons (2011) set during the Spanish Civil War--seemingly tailor-made for triumph--but failing to provide much of an impression of that little-covered topic because of his dedication to a oft-formulated love story. His latest outing is The Lovers (2015), which IMDb incredibly claims was released theatrically, about an exotic location during a period of socio-political upheaval that is, as the title may suggest, overshadowed by a oft-formulated love story.

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