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Exclusive: Clip From Award Winning 'East Side Sushi' Refuses To Back Down

As Donald Trump continues to travel the country putting forth a disturbingly xenophobic agenda during his increasingly less quixotic campaign for the presidency, he conveniently ignores the self-evident fact that the United States' history is shaped by the immigrant experience. Two different sets of cultures collide in the upcoming "East Side Sushi," which tells the kind of story which could only happen in America. Read More: Tiff Review: 'Samba' Starring Mar Sy, Tahar Rahim & Charlotte Gainsbourg Starring Diana Elizabeth Torres, Yutaka Takeuchi and Jesus Fuentes and directed by Anthony Lucero, the story follows Juana, a Latino woman trying to raise her son on her own and who lands a job as a kitchen assistant at a local Japanese restaurant. She discovers a whole new world of cuisine and culture, and thus finds her passion for cooking reignited, but things get tricky when she demands a promotion. As you'll see in this clip,

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