Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Who is Tila Tequila and is the world ready for the answer?

Self-titled selfie inventor Tila Tequila entered the Celebrity Big Brother house on Thursday alongside five fellow Us celebrity compatriots, only to be dramatically ejected from the house within 24 hours after producers learned she'd posted messages about Nazism on social media in 2013.

Tequila has since apologised for her "irresponsible" comments, but maybe the Channel 5 show's producers should read Digital Spy a bit more carefully in the future to avoid any more surprises!

But despite posting the controversial blog article, a childhood of eating cockroaches, and her suggestion that she influenced the invention of Instagram - what else do you need to know about the pocket-sized star?

She made Playboy history

Tila Tequila's foray in the entertainment industry began when was discovered by a Playboy scout (yes, such a job exists) at a shopping mall in Texas when she was 19. She later made Playboy history when she became the first Asian Cyber Girl of the Month.

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