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Doctor Who: Revived Series 14 Stupidest Idiot Plots… So Far


“The Idiot Plot, of course, is any plot that would be resolved in five minutes if everyone in the story were not an idiot. And rarely has there been a film in which more idiots make more mistakes than in this one.”

Roger Ebert in his review of Narrow Margin (1990)

Roger Ebert once coined the term “idiot plot.” Even if it doesn’t sound familiar, it is something you’ve seen happen multiple times on every storytelling medium, often confused with the term, “plot hole.”

Here is the difference: A plot hole is about breaking the established rules of its film without giving a convincing answer how; asking “How did that happen?”. Example: How did Bruce Wayne return to Gotham without resources and the entire American government watching over it without detection? Basically, the universe puts him there, no one questions it, and the story moves on.

An idiot

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