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Brian Helgeland interview: Legend, Tom Hardy, film vs TV

As Legend hits UK cinemas, Brian Helgeland talks to us about working with Tom Hardy, and why he wanted to make a movie and not a TV series.

Brian Helgeland's career began in horror, as he wrote the scripts for such genre pieces as A Nightmare On Elm Sreet 4 and 976-evil. But it was his adapted screenplay for the 1997 thriller La Confidential that really put Helgeland on the Hollywood map; netting him an Oscar and receiving rave reviews, its success paved the way for his more recent career, which included the hit thriller Payback (1999), Helgeland's big-screen debut as a director, and his script for the acclaimed drama Mystic River (2003).

Helgeland's latest film is Legend, a British gangster  thriller about the exploits of the Kray twins. Rising from London's underworld to become unlikely celebrities at the height of the swinging 60s, Ron and Reggie Kray were more famous as nightclub

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