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Recent Spanish Cinema Los Angeles 2015 Announces First Lineup of Films

The Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts of Spain (Icaa) alongsie the American Cinematheque and Egeda, announced the 21st edition of Recent Spanish Cinema series, a showcase of the most outstanding recent Spanish films at the Egyptian Theatre. The film screenings will take place October 15-18, 2015. This year the producers of this annual film series will collaborate with Spanish Filmmaker, journalist, writer and producer Guillermo Fesser, who has created the poster and the promo spot with theme “Let your Spanish side out” bringing his sense of humor and unique Spanish style to the marketing campaign.

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The full schedule will be announced October 1st , but several of the films to screen as part of this exciting program have already been revealed. Take a look at some of the highlights below including "Marshland," which our writer Carlos Aguilar described as "a technically immaculate production that feels like a major motion picture while retaining its art house appeal."

- "Off Course" (Perdiendo el Norte) , 2015, 102 min. Dir. Nacho G Velilla.International Distribution: DeAPlaneta International.Hugo (Yon González) and Braulio (Julián López) both have university degrees but no jobs, and think they can escape the economic doldrums by leaving Spain for Germany. But what looked like a land of opportunity on TV presents more challenges to the two friends than they expected in this sparkling comedy. In Castillan and German with English subtitles. One of the biggest Box office hits in 2015 .

- "Happy 140" (Felices 140), 2015, 98 min. Dir. Gracia Querejeta. International Sales: Latido Films. Elia (Maribel Verdu) has just hit the jackpot – literally. One of the things she spends her 140 million euro lottery prize on is a 40th birthday bash in the Canary Islands, to which she invites a motley group of family and friends, including the ex she still pines for. But proximity to wealth can warp even the closest relationships, and the reunion soon takes a shocking turn.

-"Shrew's Nest" (Musarañas), 2014, 95 min. International Sales: Film Factory. First-time feature directors Juan Fernando Andres and Esteban Roel (and producer Alex De La Iglesia) lead viewers through a terrifying psychological maze in 1950s Spain. At its center is the apartment of Montse (Macarena Gómez, in one of the wildest performances you’ll see all year), who has raised her younger sister to the brink of adulthood. But agoraphobia and religious ritual have taken their toll on Montse, and when an injured young man (Hugo Silva) turns up at the door, help is the last thing she gives him. With Luis Tosar as the spectral father figure. In Spanish with English subtitles.

-"Magical Girl," 2014, 127 min. Dir. Carlos Vermut. International Sales: Films Distribution. Luis (Luis Bermejo) has a 12-year-old daughter with a terminal illness and a last wish – to have a dress just like the main character of her favorite Japanese anime series. The unemployed professor doesn’t have the money to purchase the dress, but thinks he can get it with a little help from a former teacher (José Sacristán) and an unbalanced young woman (Goya and Feroz winner Bárbara Lennie). Vermut’s sure directorial hand weaves multiple storylines together in this haunting (and occasionally intense) drama. In Spanish with English subtitles.

"Sidetracked" (Las Overjas No Pierden El Tren), 2014, 103 min. Dir. Alvaro Fernandez Armero. International Sales: Film Factory. The mid-life crises of three Spanish couples provide the laughs in this gleeful ensemble comedy. Luisa (Inma Cuesta of Three Many Weddings) and Alberto (Raúl Arévalo) move to the countryside, thinking it a better place to raise kids, though the change puts a damper on their sex life. Luisa’s sister (Candela Peña) and Alberto’s brother (Alberto San Juan) have their own relationship challenges - her obsessive pursuit scares men away, while his much-younger girlfriend is a little on the impulsive side.

"Requirements to Be a Normal Person (Requisitos Para Ser Una Persona Norma), 2015, 90 min.Everybody tries to fit in, but few people go about it as methodically as Maria de la Montana (writer-director Leticia Dolera), who hopes to reach normality through a 7-item checklist. Her mentally challenged younger brother (Jordi Llodra) and overweight friend (Manuel Burque) seem to have most of the bases covered, and the success of Maria’s quest may boil down to just being herself. Brightly colored and boasting a jangly folk score from Luthea Salom, this romantic comedy is, as one might hope from its title, charmingly eccentric. Winner of the Best New Screenwriter, Cinematography and Editing Awards at the Málaga Spanish Film Festival.

"Marshland" (La Isla Minima), 2014, 105 min. Dir. Alberto Rodriguez. Us Distribution: Outsider Pictures. Spain’s democracy was still on wobbly legs in 1980, particularly in the backwater of Andalucia where this tense crime drama is set. City cops Juan (Javier Gutiérrez) and Pedro (Raúl Arévalo) are dispatched to the depressed rural area to investigate the disappearance of two sisters; their differing backgrounds – one a ruthless veteran and the other an idealistic rookie – lead to increasingly unsettling discoveries. Winner of 10 Goya Awards, including Best Film, Director, Lead Actor (Gutiérrez) and Cinematography (Alex Catalán’s aerial shots are truly dazzling).

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