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Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams returning to Torchwood with Big Finish

Over the last few months we’ve kept you updated on the news that Big Finish is bringing back Torchwood, with both Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones returning to series. Well now we can tell you who the next big returnee is – well returner,s as there are two of them. The heart of Torchwood is coming to Big Finish, the husband-and-wife team consisting of Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams, otherwise known as Eve Myles and Kai Owen.

James Goss, the producer of the Big Finish Torchwood Audio Series said, “Listening to the two of them back together is an utter joy. We pick up their story after Miracle Day. How has life been treating them? It’s a delight to find out.”

Eve appeared in all 41 episodes of the popular BBC series, created by Russell T Davies. A dedicated police officer turned Torchwood second-in-command, Gwen fought tooth and

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