Elizabeth Banks Is Circling The Helm Of A Charlie’s Angels Reboot

In news that is both great, and carved directly from common sense, Elizabeth Banks is forging ahead with her blossoming directing career, by apparently entering negotiations for the director’s chair of a Charlie’s Angels reboot for Sony. She would also produce the film. With the big screen update of the TV show 21 Jump Street having been incredibly successful – creating a franchise for Columbia and MGM in the process – it seems Sony would like to try its hand at doing the same for the popular female-led action adventure tale, breathing new life into a movie franchise that stalled over a decade ago.

The original Charlie’s Angels series ran from 1976 to 1981, and starred Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Farrah Fawcett – although Fawcett was replaced by Cheryl Ladd after the first season. The lead actresses played skilled private detectives working for an elusive, unseen supervisor called Charlie, with the assistance

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