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‘My Sinful Life / Las Vegas Girls’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

My Sinful Life (1983)

“School Girls By Day… Super Ladies Of The Night”

Ah, incest! One of the ultimate taboos. The world of porn has dealt with the subject a lot and continues to do so. Will Carlos Tobalina’s 1983 attempt stand up to the likes of Kirdy Stevon’s Taboo series? Judging by my experience with the work of Tobalina up to this point, I’m just going to say no…

Danielle (Lust Weekend) stars as Jill, a young girl who has recently moved in with her aunt after securing a place in college. Without real prompt or emotion, she recounts some of the truly horrific (yet, erotic) sexual acts put upon on her by the greasy mits of her adoptive parents Christine (Rita Ricardo, Girlfriends) and her husband Sebastian (Don Fernando, Oriental Madam). Even her brother Ron (Tom Byron, Tomboy) enjoyed some good old fashioned family fun! After rather

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