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The X Factor 2015: 10 very important secrets from backstage at Boot Camp

The X Factor has finished its auditions and it's time for Boot Camp to begin! This year it's supersized, too, kicking off at a giant country house as Simon Cowell wanted the acts to misbehave and start coupling up, but did it happen?

And what's it really like at the fancy residence with a pool in Hertfordshire? We went along for a snoop around:

1. Everyone sings All The Time.

You'd think they'd want to save their voices, but visiting Boot Camp is like walking into an episode of Britannia High, as everyone is singing. "No-one's telling anyone to keep the noise down when they're singing," explained 16-year-old Nathaniel Landskroner. "If anything, they're just joining in because we're all singers here, we all love it."

Well, some more than others - 27-year-old Holly Johnson admitted: "I'm a bit of an old woman now, I'm like, 'Right, guys, I just need some peace'.

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