DVD Review – Awol-72 (2015)

Awol-72, 2015.

Directed by Christian Sesma.

Starring Luke Goss, RZA, Bokeem Woodbine,Heather Roop, Jackie Guerrido, Louis Mandylor and Leif Gantvoort.


Conrad Miller, is an Awol military officer who has been accused of selling secrets to ex Kgb during the cold war. When Miller realizes he has been tracked by his counterpart hit man Myron, Miller knows his love, and his compromise has been threatened, and he does the only thing humanly possible. Run.

Those of a certain age (me unfortunately) might remember Bros, the 80’s pop group headed up by brothers Matt and Luke Goss. Both disappeared off the face of the planet when their pop career fizzled out, despite such dazzling hits as “When will I be famous?” Luke re-appeared and transitioned to acting (Matt carried on with music) finding a lucrative Hollywood career. He broke out in Blade 2 and then Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Since then

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