The Problem With Multiple Oscar-Worthy Performances for Cate Blanchett

By Patrick Shanley

Managing Editor

Cate Blanchett is no stranger to the Oscars. The Australian-born actress has two statues already, as well as three other nominations, and is hoping to add to that award season resume this year with buzz surrounding both Carol, a 1950’s-set period drama about a lesbian relationship between a department store clerk (Rooney Mara) and her relationship with a married woman (Blanchett), and Truth, the story of Dan Rather‘s (Robert Redford) dismissal from CBS’ 60 Minutes following investigations into president George W. Bush‘s military service.

Though she plays the titular character in Carol, the argument could be made that Blanchett was more of a supporting player, as Mara actually has more screen time and even beat out Blanchett for the best actress award at Cannes earlier this year. Truth, however, is Blanchett’s film and she could possibly push to get nominated for the lead

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