Doctor Who Review: The Witch’s Familiar – How 7 Characters Reveal Their Relationship Status


Warning! Spoilers: This post contains spoilers and speculation for the Doctor Who series nine episode “The Witch’s Familiar”.

“The Witch’s Familiar” is one of those rare Doctor Who two-parter finales that not only lives up to its predecessor but succeeds it. Steven Moffat’s script careens between horror, hilarity and heartbreak leaving the audience on the edge of the sofa with eyes riveted to the screen. The scenes between Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Julian Bleach’s Davros are suffused with crackling energy and an undercurrent of sly manipulation. This is a true battle of wits and the Doctor is at his finest as he maneuvers his way through Davros’ minefield.

While the action is sublime what gives this episode such depth is the exploration of character relationships. It is a fascinating journey into the complicated connections that form between both friends and enemies and how quickly

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