It's Ok to Be Attracted to Jamie Dornan When He Plays Total Psychos

There's a reason Jamie Dornan was selected to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. After small roles in films and on TV (like Once Upon a Time), Dornan scored his breakout part on the Irish crime drama The Fall. If you've watched any of the two seasons on Netflix, you know that he plays Paul Spector, a dedicated family man who happens to get his rocks off by brutalizing young women at night. Christian Grey may have some kinks, but he's no killer. Still, both characters manage to be heart-stoppingly sexy, despite being borderline creepy - full-on creepy, in Paul's case. Here are all the times the characters are both somewhat terrifying and ridiculously hot at the same time. Pro tip: you can tell them apart because Christian is clean-shaven and Paul has a beard.

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