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Review: Ultraviolent Crime Drama 'Dealer'

Dealer” is an obnoxiously manic, ultraviolent crime drama that uses every audiovisual trick in the book to distract you from the fact that it’s devoid of unique characters and an original story. The aimless and random uses of shaky cam, jump cuts, the arbitrary “badass” voice-over, title cards used as lazy exposition every couple of minutes, and superimposed information like text messages and the protagonist’s financial stats that make you wish for a cinematic version of a pop-up blocker, are all there to make sure you don’t notice one thing: That this is yet another wannabe edgy crime flick about a ruthless career criminal who conveniently adopts a heart of gold when the screenplay needs him to suddenly be relatable, struggling to pick up the pieces after the beyond cliché “one last big score before retirement” goes horribly wrong. It’s a paint-by-numbers screenplay that’s so uninspired and bland,

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