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Viff’15: ‘The Last Hammer Blow’

The Last Hammer Blow

Written by Alix Delaporte, Alain Le Henry

Directed by Alix Delaporte

France 2015

There are both too many stories of depression laced lives and too many happily ever afters. Too few allow the tragedy life to run its course while acknowledging the undercurrent of joy and at times fleeting happiness that bubbles up from below. The Last Hammer Blow begins as another simple, dour look at the struggles of 13 year old Victor (Romain Paul in a star making performance) and his cancer stricken mother Nadia (Clotilde Hesme), as they struggle to survive in a trailer by a remote beach. Having never met his father, and with a mother who needs more care than she can give, Victor has about as much weight on his shoulders as Atlas did, which he accepts with an emotionless grimace, letting fate determine his place in life.

Elements of the Dardennes are

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