Biff 2015 Movie Review – Cafard (2015)

Cafard, 2015.

Directed by Jan Bultheel.

Starring Wim Willaert, Dinara Drukarova, Sebastien Dewaele, Maarten Ketels and Benoit Gob.


August 1914, Ostend, Belgium. A teenage girl called Mimi (Maud Brethenoux) is violently attacked by German soldiers just as her father is crowned world wrestling champion across the other side of the globe. Upon hearing the news, Jean Mordant (Wim Willaert) races home to seek justice, but Mimi is too traumatised to remember much of anything. In bitter frustration, Mordant leaves to join the AMC, a new Belgian military unit designed to help end the war and hit the German forces where it hurts most.

When one thinks of war movies, animation rarely comes to mind, but arthouse hits such as Persepolis and Waltz With Bashir have opened people’s eyes, legitimising ‘cartoons’ as a powerful way to explore the physical and psychological horrors of warfare. Opening with the sexual assault of a teenage girl,

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