Takashi Miike Discusses His Filmmaking Desires and the Masculinity of ‘Yakuza Apocalypse’

Being provided with the opportunity to talk to Takashi Miike, on the occasion of his latest film — the “crazy”-if-somewhat-languid vampire gangster blow-out Yakuza Apocalypse — is a tricky proposition. For someone with that kind of prolificacy, how can you keep it to just one film? However, we tried to talk to him about ostensibly everything surrounding his fascinating career, and one can check out the full conversation below.

The Film Stage: You’re noted for how many films you make — usually two or three a year. Do you still find it easy to make that many?

Takashi Miike: There was a time when I made five or six movies a year, but those were really low-budget ones — the shoots would only take 2 weeks or so. But now I take about two months to make one film, and next year it should be the same pace.

Recently there was an

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