The Doctor Who opening theme got turned up to eleven for 'Before The Flood'

We already know that the Twelfth Doctor isn't opposed to a guitar riff or two but now Doctor Who's very recognisable opening theme music has received a rock makeover of its own.

Series composer Murray Gold put together the new arrangement for Saturday night's (October 10) episode 'Before The Flood', which saw Peter Capaldi's Doctor lead into the opening credits with help from Beethoven's 5th symphony.

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The opening of 'Before the Flood' saw the Twelfth Doctor discussing the 'bootstrap paradox' ("Google it") using Ludwig van Beethoven as an example - a time traveller who loves Beethoven travels back in time to meet his hero, only to find out Beethoven doesn't exist so the time traveller decides to write out Beethoven's music and get it published.

This then begs the question: Who really wrote Beethoven's music to begin with?

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