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Everyone Deserves A Little "Gameplay"

This is the story of everything that happened next.

Being a bit on the nerd side myself, it's hard for me to dispute the central theme of Gameplay (2014), which is that video games have become an integral part of human life. The argument goes well beyond Candy Crush and Farmville--though they are definitely a part of it--to the psychological ordering of global retail. The phenomenon began in a very humble state. Utah, in fact, with a group of computer nerds playing a game of their own creation called Spacewar! where they shot little square dots at larger square dots. Nolan Bushnell met these guys one day and was inspired to put together a similar toy box alongside pinball machines. His first attempt failed quite miserably, but his second entry into the field was a massive success: Pong. A game with two paddles going up and down to bounce a little

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