10 Wackiest Wrestling Gimmicks That Actually Worked

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Professional wrestling is a haven for the weird and wonderful. During the recent Sting Q&A shows in the UK, it was fascinating to stand and watch as grown men and women posed with the face-painted character. The glee on people’s faces was evident, even though they were effectively meeting another adult male posing in Halloween costume.

This isn’t an isolated case, the likes of Ax and Smash of Demolition still routinely appear in public wearing their trademark face paint. This is symptomatic of everything that’s right with the industry. Even with everything that the core fan base now knows about wrestling, fans do still enjoy meeting their favourites and seeing them dress the way they remember from years gone by.

Characters such as Demolition were awesome first time around, but there was some degree of risk involved. After all, what might have happened to

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