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Is There Another Jackson Child? See Jermaine Meet Woman Claiming to be His Niece

Could there be yet another Jackson kid in the family? On this Friday's new episode of "The Jacksons: Next Generation," Taj, Taryll and Tj Jackson -- all Tito's children -- decide to confront a woman named Tanay, who has claimed in public to be their sister for years. In an exclusive clip, we see the three brothers introduce Tanay to their uncle, Jermaine Jackson, who seems less than convinced. "I don't think she looks anything like us," he says to his nephews after the awkward conversation with the woman, who won't reveal her true age to any of the men. Tito's sons say they flew Tanay out to Los Angeles from NYC to have her take a DNA test. We'll find out if she actually goes through with it when the episode airs Friday night on Lifetime. Read more

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