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Rainbow: previously unreleased 1970s clip




Exclusive: to celebrate the release of the ITV60 DVD box set, here's a previously unreleased clip from classic children's show Rainbow...

Forget Marco Polo and The Power Of The Daleks, the true geek treasure at the end of the search for missing classic TV episodes is here. And it features Bungle.

Specifically, the main Bungle, Stanley Bates, joined by Roy Skelton voicing Geoffrey's fellow wards, Zippy and George. 

The clip below originated in a Boxing Day Rainbow special, and using our Bungle-senses, we've provisionally placed as coming from 1975 episode, Christmas Party.

The episode has since lain unreleased until Network dusted it off and included it among 59 episodes from other of ITV's classic fare on a DVD box set celebrating the broadcaster's 60th birthday.

You'll notice that Rod, Jane and Freddy are in fact, Rod, Jane and Matt in this one - 'Matt' being Matthew Corbett, who left

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