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The Kennedys: more than just rose-tinted memories

Like Cradle to Grave and Danny and the Human Zoo, Emma Kennedy’s sitcom mines a 70s childhood, but behind the nostalgia, there’s a lot that is very timely

We’ve seen a lot of 1970s childhoods played out in the BBC schedules over the last few months. Cradle to Grave – adapted from Danny Baker’s autobiography Going to Sea in a Sieve, which detailed the broadcaster’s teenage years in south London – has just finished its first series on BBC2. In August, BBC1 aired the Lenny Henry-penned drama Danny and the Human Zoo, inspired by the comic’s formative years in Dudley. And this month, the channel began screening The Kennedys. Based on comedian and writer Emma Kennedy’s memoir The Tent, the Bucket and Me, the sitcom portrays Kennedy’s generally happy and apparently slapstick-heavy childhood in a new town in 70s middle England.

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