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15 Bizarre Wrestling Gimmicks You Won’t Believe Happened More Than Once

Pro wrestlers have been assigned outlandish characters for a very long time, and the creativity of promoters has known no bounds. Sometimes, it seems that everything has been done before, and yes, most characters wind up being variations on an established theme. But what about the truly bizarre, one-off characters that barely worked in the first place? Surely, they must have been horrid anomalies that happened only once, and stunk up the ring so badly that potential imitators would be forever deterred.

Well, not so much. This list compiles no less than 15 gimmicks so strange that they shouldn’t have happened once, yet somehow did, twice. In some cases, these bad ideas slipped through the cracks three or four times. I’ll try to provide some kind of historical context, but most of the time, nope, these were just hopelessly bad ideas that got pitched — and aproved — repeatedly,

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