Fargo Recap: Go Finger

Not since season one of True Detective has there been such a Gif-worthy, middle-digit salute. When Hank pulls Kansas City henchman Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) and Wayne (Todd Mann) and Gale (Brad Mann) Kitchen over and inquires about their shoe size (“a truly odd question,” Mike justly observes), the Kitchen twins each flip the bird, prompting Mike to surmise, “I’m gonna go ahead and guess the boys are an 11, and not a two, which would make them toddlers.” Cut, caption, publish. If only Hank were so amused. He goes through protocol and does his best to demonstrate that he’s in control, but his halting breath, shifting eyes, and unsteady posture betray unease about this particular trio. He lets them off with a warning to get out of dodge (albeit in what appears to be an Oldsmobile ’98), and as they peel away, he can finally feel his pulse. As

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