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The Exorcism Of Molly Hartley Set Visit Report

The Millennium Centre towers over us with aged beauty, pillars stretching upwards to meet carved stone and the blue sky above. It’s almost as impressive and staggering an entrance as the doorway to Dracula’s isolated domain in a Hammer film. But this building is not sequestered to some faraway precipice, it’s instead comfortably nestled within the establishments on Winnipeg’s Main Street. But the locals and tourists strolling down the sidewalk would likely never guess that a satanic ritual of human sacrifice is about to take place in the basement. Looks can be deceiving, you know.

Fearing no sharp-toothed denizens of the dead within this structure, we ascend the short stairway and enter the bronze doors of the 104-year-old construction, taking one more moment to gaze up at the gorgeous gray façade. Ambling past a marble World War One memorial wall in the entryway, we walk into

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