Sweet Madness A Harley Quinn Fan Film

So being the nerd I am I love seeing characters from some of my favorite storied being taken up by fans. No they may not have the budget of a summer blockbuster but something can be said for when you know the characters enough you produce a compelling story that truly captures these heroes and villains. Basically I love fan films. I've been very lucky to talk to lots of creators out there. Mark Cheng from Red Retrieval, Chelton Perry from Teen Titans Project and a few others. Well after watching Sweet Madness by Peter Dukes I've got another favorite added to my list.  

So Sweet Madness is a Harley Quinn short and while some would say the character is over exposed I can agree with them on the terms that Harley is a good guy. No I tend to lean towards the Harley that's a villain, sure she's likable

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