Exclusive Clip: Subversive Sexuality in Stephan Littger’s Explosive Debut 'Her Composition'

In this exclusive clip from Stephan Littger’s debut feature film “Her Composition," Malorie (Joslyn Jensen) discovers a new side to her sexuality that will launch her journey of musical discovery. Throughout her frenzied sensual journey sleeping with random clients during which she has random musical experiences, she will leave behind the confines of the status quo that had enchained her creative self. Her clients become the collective muse for her new composition.

Beautifully shot (Andres Karu) with a magical score by Christopher Libertino, Littger’s stunningly self-assured directorial debut asks fundamental questions by deconstructing the traditional three-act structure through the body of a woman on her journey to creative emancipation. Edgy and controversial, will Malorie for the first time create something that truly reflects her creative self or is she merely on an express path to insanity?

“I was attracted to the idea of a narrative that sounds traditional, even sexist at first but turns out to be exactly the opposite by questioning Hollywood gender roles and empowering a young artist who turns the tables on the men she meets -- and therefore audience expectations.” Littger says of the inspiration behind this movie. “In that sense, I am Malorie and Malorie is all of us who feel we have a voice and want to get it out there. And it’s incredibly hard and you need to find that non-judgmental space in the world that allows you to do that. In our private screenings so far, the reactions have been particularly exciting to me as author as every audience member raises infinitely insightful points about Malorie’s journey and her challenges. While there’s definitely also a strong political dimension to it, above all I want to entertain. It wouldn’t work any other way.”

After Austin Film Festival, the film will have its international premiere at Whistler Film Festival in early December. Jensen is supported by a stellar supporting cast featuring Christian Campbell (“Trick”), Heather Matarazzo (“Welcome to the Dollhouse”), comedian Rachel Feinstein (“Trainwreck”) and Margot Bingham (“Boardwalk Empire”). The voice of Oscar-nominated Executive Producer René Bastian (“Transamerica”) is felt throughout.

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