Warm and silly or bold and filthy: what Citizen Khan, Chewing Gum and The Kennedys tell us about family sitcoms

The genre was a staple of 70s TV viewing and has made a strong comeback, but the new shows often go into areas little imagined by their tamer predecessors

The cancellation in 2011 of My Family – which had been for more than a decade the successor to Terry and June as a family sitcom bland enough for all generations of relatives to watch – raised the question of whether the domestic comedy (or dom-com) was dead or just resting.

The answer turns out to be the latter, as a new group of shows set in homes offers viewers the mirror vision experience of sitting down in the living room to watch fictional families sitting down in the living room. There are two tonight within an hour on BBC1, as Citizen Khan (8.30pm) returns for a fourth series and The Kennedys (9.30pm) reaches the fifth episode of its opening run.

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