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Terror Within and Dead Space (1989/1991)

Shout! Factory delivers another dose of Roger Corman goodness with a fun double feature. Though not as enjoyable as his releases from the 80's, this disc provides a terrific history lesson on how exploitation films changed in response to both an evolving market (B-movies were having a harder time getting a theatrical release) and the MPAA's ongoing smackdown on gore and nudity.

First up is The Terror Within, a post-apocalyptic creature feature. The film starts with two scouts from an underground Mohave Desert research facility hunting for food. As they communicate with the base, we find out that the accidental release of a bio-weapon has killed about 99 percent of the world's population. A few of the survivors, however, have mutated into monsters dubbed "gargoyles." And that's what the scouts run into. Prompting the facility leader (George Kennedy) to send out David (Andrew Stevens) and his girlfriend Sue (Starr Andreeff), along with their trusty dog Butch,

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