Sliff 2015 Review – Sleep With Me

Sleep With Me takes a downbeat look at the traditional marriage vows. Well, one in particular, you know “for better or for worse”. For the couple at the center of the story, it’s tough for things to get much worse. It’s as though the Righteous Brothers classic “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling” were playing on a constant loop through their home’s sound system. The husband is Paul (Cliff Chamberlain), a frustrated small town Missouri academic who now makes a living by managing the home rental properties owned by his surly, abusive father Henry (Raymond J. Barry). And a good chunk of Paul’s days are occupied by taking care of his mean ole’ widower Daddy’s house. The wife is Gabi (Danielle Canastra), a transplant from South America with a somewhat shady past. She’s eager to rebuild her reputation and begin life anew by starting a family with Paul.

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