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Britsoft: An Oral History book review




The birth and evolution of the British games industry is perfectly captured in Britsoft: An Oral History. Ryan reviews a great book...

Pick a page, any page, and you'll find something funny, strange or informative. Ah, here we go: page 258, which talks about the time Palace Software hired glamour model Maria Whittaker to pose for the cover of its 1987 game, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior.

"Steve made little breastplates out of ashtrays," recalls Palace Software's Richard Leinfellner, "which apparently kept pinging off for some reason."

It's an anecdote which aptly captures the 80s era of British software development: the wild, sometimes crazy marketing ideas and gimmicks, the hype, the great mountainous piles of cash for the lucky few, the financial disaster for the less fortunate. Britsoft: An Oral History, a two-inch-thick slab of a book, is a time capsule from a bygone era of innovation and eccentricity, as

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