‘Murderous Intent / Fright House’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

One of the perks of backing Vinegar Syndrome’s move into video on demand (the now-launched Exploitation.TV) was a double bill limited edition DVD of Len Anthony’s Murderous Intent and Fright House, offered only to those who, like me, backed the Indiegogo campaign. Now I’d never heard of either movie. But given the fact that – at least of as far the Nerdly team are concerned – Vinegar Syndrome can do no wrong. No matter how obscure or how bizarre the films, there’s always something interesting or intriguing about the titles they choose to release… whether that be sex, violence or (as in the case of these two Len Anthony movies) sheer insanity!

Murderous Intent

Stars: Ron Mychal, William Walters, Darrow Turner, Agnetta Eckmyr, Duey Graham, Jamet De Leon, Lauren Ruane | Written and Directed by Len Anthony

Cops posing as hookers. Weird voodoo/mime/dance practioners crawling

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