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International Talent at Mexican Residency: Alexander Albrecht

I met Alexander Albrecht at the new recently held Mexican Residency Program "Pueblo Magico."  Typical of the diversity at this workshop for eight to ten first and second time filmmakers from all over the globe, he was born and raised in Switzerland and resides in Mexico, Berlin and Zurich. He graduated from the European Film Actors School Zurich, trained at the Susan Batson Studio in New York and trained with Larry Moss. He is fluent in German, French, English and Italian. He has worked in several theater, TV and cinema productions. Albrecht wrote his first film in 2013, in which he starred, namely the short "La Boda De Baba" directed by Lucia Carreras and produced by Machete Producciones and the Mexican Film Institute.

He is currently writing and rehearsing an adaptation of the famous Novel White Nights written by the young Dostoyevsky, directed by Lioudmila Babkina Meier, which will be performed on several Zurich stages. For the past two years, alongside Alexandra Edmondson from Australia, he has been writing his first feature film "Brooklyn Treehouse".

"Brooklyn Treehouse" is about four young creative types who come from various places to New York and end up sharing an apartment with an eccentic French artist.  Once there, they are pushed to make decisions about their own lives.

"Brooklyn Treehouse" is being produced by Machete Productions in Mexico, one of the new interesting young production companies there now, that produced "La Jaula de oro" and "Leap Year" ("Ano besieto").

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