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Movie Review – The Carrier (2015)

The Carrier, 2015.

Directed by Anthony Woodley.

Starring Ed Kingsley, Jack Gordon, Karen Bryson, Joe Dixon, Zora Bishop, Billy Clarke, Andrew French, Luke Healy and Rebecca Johnson.


Eight survivors take to the skies in a badly damaged aircraft to escape an antibiotic resistant pandemic which decimates the planet. There’s nowhere safe to land, but things really start to go wrong when they realise that the infection is on the plane. How long can they stay airborne? And more importantly what will be waiting for them if they land?

Not to be confused with the straight to DVD thriller starring John Cusack and Robert De Niro, this film titled The Carrier is a low-budget British thriller. In the vein of Outbreak, The Carrier brings the audience into a ravaged Britain that is becoming overwhelmed with a deadly infection. A plane with a handful of passengers try to stay safe by staying in the air,

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