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Why "Remedy" Might Be the Most Moving Song on Adele's New Album


Adele's highly anticipated album, 25, has finally made its way into the world, and dedicated fans have surely already started to pour themselves into every gut-wrenching song and all the heartbreaking lyrics. While favorites are already being thrown around, there's one song that certainly deserves a few minutes in the spotlight. It's called "Remedy," and it somehow carries a different tone - it quite subtly seems to speak of a different kind of love. And that's because it's not about Adele's feelings for a former flame or current lover, but for her 3-year-old son, Angelo. The first mention of the incredibly beautiful track actually landed in Adele's interview with the New York Times over a week ago. It happens to have been the springboard for the entirety of 25. Read the excerpt from the article below. "When she tried to start the new album in 2013, Adele came up empty. 'I didn't have a subject,

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