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Australian Release Of The Editor Boasts Some Juicy Exclusives

The Editor, the absurdist giallo homage from Astron 6 - the Canadian troupe behind Manborg and Father's Day - hits DVD and Blu-ray in Australia today, courtesy of Monster Pictures. The releases look positively stacked, with a host of exclusive special features and artwork that should delight fans of the film and maybe even warrant a double-dip from those residing beyond Antipodean shores.The DVD release comes with the following: - Double-sided cover art by Graham Humphries (one with classification, one without)- Audio Commentary by Adam Brooks, Conor Sweeney and Matthew Kennedy- Astron-6 Festival Introduction- 'Making Movies Used to Be Fun' Behind-the-scenes featurette- Music and Poster featurettes- Deleted Scenes- Exclusive: double-sided fold-out poster featuring art by Graham Humphries and Tom 'The Dude Designs' HodgeMeanwhile, the Blu-ray release...

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