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Full Wastelander Trailer Heads into the Apocalypse

Last week we brought you the first teaser trailer and images from Angelo Lopes' Wastelander, an indie throwback to the glorious heyday of 80s desert Pa.

The first trailer has landed and it looks like a ton of fun. Everyone's having a good time and the soundtrack from Com Truise is appropriately retro.


It is the year....meh- a badass post apocalyptic adventure of epic proportions.

Wastelander stars Brendan Guy Murphy, Jon Proudstar, David Morden, Carol Cardenas, Sian Vilaire, Aaron Stielstra, Lou Pimber, Johnny Bernath, Angelo Lopes, Kali Sherwood, Melani Macy and Paul Clinco.

No release dates yet for the flick, but we'll keep y [Continued ...]

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