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This is Tottenham review – blurring social realism and poverty safari

David Lammy at his MP surgeries, telling troubled constituents to stay strong, made uncomfortable watching. Plus, Dan Cruickshank revisited his childhood home in BBC4’s Resurrecting Warsaw

This is Tottenham (Wednesday, BBC2) promised, with its staccato, warts-and-all title, something a bit like This is England, all stylised hair and brutal tenderness. Instead, it was an hour of MP surgeries with David Lammy, who grew up in Tottenham but as a young teen moved, on a choral scholarship, to Peterborough. It is thus, he told me once, that he understands the British psyche inside out, from gang violence to basket weaving. I was, and remain, sceptical; I think there is quite a lot of Britishness between these two things.

There is something about being told by an MP how his constituents are authentic and everything else is fluff, how he really loves rolling up his sleeves and getting into the real problems of the real people,

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