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Television that Home Video Forgot: Starved (2005)


Showcase Inventory

Created by Eric Schaeffer

Produced by Daniel Hank

Aired on FX for 1 season (7 episodes) from August 4, 2005 – September 15, 2005


Eric Schaeffer as Sam

Laura Benanti as Billie Frasier

Sterling K. Brown as Adam Williams

Del Pentecost as Dan Roundtree

Show Premise

A group of four New York friends, each suffering from eating disorders, attend meetings at “Belt Tighteners”, an independent support group that uses shame based techniques to help improve their eating habits. The group centers mainly on Sam, a commodities trader who is anorexic who compulsively overeats a special brand of chocolate snack. He is in love with his bisexual friend Billie, a local singer/songwriter, who is an alcoholic as well as an anorexic bulimic. They frequent a local diner with pals Dan and Adam to discuss their food issues after their meetings. Dan is a novelist who is afraid that his weight is affecting his marriage,

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